Pro Progressio

Pro Progressio

The Pro Progressio Group is the organization supporting entrepreneurship growth in Poland with special focus on modern business services sector including such areas like BPO, SSC, R&D, Call Contact Center, etc. 

Co-operation and business relations with public (city halls, regional development agencies, special economy zones, technology parks) and private sector in Poland as well as with the international business organizations, make Pro Progressio Group a trustful and reliable organization which supports business growth in Poland. The group of organizations we are working with include services providers, training and education companies, recruitment agencies, real estate developers, consulting companies, universities as well as individual business experts. 

The Pro Progressio Group runs the Pro Progressio Club. All companies who are outsourcing services providers are welcome to join the Club and become the members of the fastest growing business services group of experts in Poland. The Pro Progressio Club membership offer is directed especially to BSS companies  and other organizations working in business services model. The Pro Progressio Club promotes and supports the members and creates new business co-operation opportunities.