#102 Discovering business opportunities in Moldova

In 102 episode of Good Morning BSS World podcast together with Marina Bzovii, and Andrew Wrobel we delve into an insightful discussion about the IT industry in Moldova. The conversation encompasses a variety of significant topics such as a comprehensive report on the current state of Moldova, highlighting the pivotal role of the Moldova IT Park (MITP) in fostering the growth of the tech sector. We also explore Moldova's strategic connections with the Asian market, which are instrumental in the country's economic development.

Furthermore, the episode sheds light on the rapid growth of the IT sector in Moldova, driven by innovative startups and established companies alike. We discuss the digitalization of public services, showcasing how the Moldovan government is leveraging technology to improve efficiency and accessibility for its citizens. Another key topic is the language skills of Moldovans, which are seen as a crucial asset in the global IT landscape, enabling better communication and collaboration with international partners.

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Key points:

  • Moldova's IT sector offers significant growth and investment opportunities, with a favorable tax system and a highly skilled multilingual workforce.
  • The Moldova IT Park (MITP) provides a supportive environment for tech companies, offering fiscal incentives and a simplified tax system that enhances business predictability until 2035.
  • Moldova's digital public services are advanced, with over 50% being accessible online, reflecting the government's commitment to digitalization and the IT sector's importance to the economy.



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