#76 A business perspective on Ukraine. What does JEVERA do?

Hello, hello listeners and viewers of Good Morning BSS World podcast. Here comes another episode on which we do a look inside of Ukrainian IT industry.

A guest of the 76 episode is Iryna Manukovska, who is the Head of Marketing in Jevera Software Solutions.

In our conversation we started with a short summary of what was happening in Ukrainian IT industry in January of 2023 and we continued our talk to get a deeper business perspective on Ukraine. Iryna represents Jevera Software Solutions, so I was curious of what do they do in their company.

After listening to this episode you will also know what does Jevera do on daily basis.

It was a great talk, and as you will find out I was not talking to Ukraine, as Iryna is based on Cyprus. Any other surprises of this talk? Well… Were you ever thinking IT can be romantic? Yes, you read well – Romantic. This is also covered in this episode of Good Morninig BSS World Podcast.



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