Let’s talk about BPO in Romania. Let’s talk about Valoris

The BPO World is full of great business destinations and full of great service providers. Today, I take you for the journey to Central Europe, to Romania.

In episode 63 of Good Morning BSS World podcast together with my guest – Alexandra Fus, who is an Operations Manager in Valoris – we discuss about Romania as the BPO destination as well as we focus a little bit more on her company.

From this episode you will find out what are the most popular cities in Romania, where the BPO centres are located. You will also know what type of BPO services are being run in Romania as well as what foreign languages are used to provide state of the art outsourcing services.

If you are interested in global presence of BPO industry, this episode of Good Morning BSS World podcast is for you.


Uhh, by the way – if you’d like to get more information about Alexandra, about Valoris or Romania, here are some useful links:

Alexandra Fus on LinkedIn -

Valoris web page -

Valoris LinkedIn -

Invest Romania web page -



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