# May-June 3/2024
#16 May-June 3/2024
Main interview: The rise of Americas’ nearshore in outsourcing and shared services – insights and trends. Interview with Kirk Laughlin, Founder and Chief Analyst at Nearshore Americas Pages: 102
# March-April 2/2024
#15 March-April 2/2024
Main interview: Uzbekistan’s tech revolution: attracting global players’ investment in IT and BPO sectors. Interview with Sherzod Shermatov, Minister of DigitalTechnologies of the Republic of Uzbekistan Pages: 104
# January-February 1/2024
#14 January-February 1/2024
Main interview: Global offshore BPO evolution: key trends and strategic insights for 2024 – Interview with Peter Ryan, Principal at Ryan Strategic Advisory and Matt Kendall, Founder and Lead Writer at Cognitive Copy Pages: 88