#10 May-June 3/2023
#10 May-June 3/2023
Main interview: Leadership needs to adopt a truly holistic approach - Interview with Barry Winkless, CSO Cpl Group & Head of Future of Work Institute Pages: 98

Dear Readers,

We are in the middle of the second quarter of 2023, which is a year of challenges for the services sector, especially in software development companies. On the one hand, there is still a visible lack of an appropriate number of staff, on the other hand, layoffs at technological giants, and on the other one, a slowdown in the area of new projects for software development companies.

Our online platform provide daily updates on the latest trends, challenges, and news from the modern business services industry. In FOCUS ON Business bi-monthly magazine, we have carefully selected several current and compelling topics to share with you.

In the legal section, we explore work-life balance and transparency directives as well as trademark registration, which are key determinants of the competitive edge held by small and medium-sized enterprises. From the shared services center sector, we present insightful articles, including a discussion on change management led by Łukasz Kozicki, IT Director at Elekta Business Services, and the role of automation in promoting the development of SSC structures, as elucidated by Paweł Płocki from TRUMPF Shared Services.

Leadership needs to adopt a truly holistic approach – this is the topic of Barry Winkless’ – CSO Cpl Group & Head of Future of Work Institute's keynote lecture during the 7th edition of The BSS Forum, which took place in Warsaw in April 2023. In addition to his insightful remarks and advice, Barry shared his expertise in an exclusive interview featured in this edition.

The issue is a rich source of business content from both Poland and around the globe, and we invite you to peruse its pages.

Dymitr Doktór

Editor in Chief