#11 July-August 4/2023
#11 July-August 4/2023
Main interview: Ukrainian IT sector is gaining recognition as a significant player in the global market - interview with Konstantin Vasyuk, the IT Ukraine Association Executive Director Pages: 102

Dear Readers,

The first half of the business year is behind us. May and June are months that abounded in various business events not only in Poland, but also around the world. The business world is preparing for a summer break, but it is not slowing down.

In the July-August issue of FOCUS ON Business, we have curated a collection of articles that delve into topics that have recently sparked considerable attention. Furthermore, we explore the emerging realm of innovative solutions that are steadily gaining popularity in the dynamic business world. Our main interview of the issue is a conversation with Konstantin Vasyuk, the IT Ukraine Association Executive Director, who shares valuable perspective on how the Ukrainian IT sector has not only navigated challenges but also garnered international recognition and expanded its reach.

In the legal section of FOCUS ON Business, Baker McKenzie raises an important topic of apartments for rent, i.e. the increasingly popular PRS formula, while experts from Chudzik & Partners describe a new institution in the Polish Labor Code, which is so-called flexible work arrangements.

In our international section, curated by GBS.World, we bring you a captivating feature on personalization based on artificial intelligence. This thought-provoking subject explores the future possibilities for Customer Experience area.

I invite you to delve into FOCUS ON Business pages not only during your work engagements but also during your well-deserved holidays.


Dymitr Doktór

Editor in Chief