#2 January-February 1/2022
#2 January-February 1/2022
Main interview: We have an impact for a better tomorrow. Interview with Magdalena Olborska, CSR Manager in Samsung Electronics Poland. Pages: 70

Dear Readers,

Hereby I invite you to the second edition of the FOCUS ON Business magazine. For the good opening of 2022, we decided to draw attention to an important topic, which is corporate social responsibility. CSR is presented on our pages based on best practices coming from tech giant – Samsung.

The opening of the year is also a good time to look at important legal issues. Nowadays, when legislation can change very dynamically, it is worth following and adapting to the requirements of the newly created law. In the legal section, we invite you to read publications focused on the Polish Deal and the activity of employees in social media.

Law, investments, business and HR are the areas with which we are opening the year 2022 on the FOCUS ON Business pages. All of them are also presented on an ongoing basis on our websites, to which I cordially invite you.

Editor in Chief
Dymitr Doktór