#9 March-April 2/2023
#9 March-April 2/2023
Main interview: The Rwandan outsourcing opportunity - Interview with Mr. Yves Iradukunda, Permanent Secretary of Rwanda’s Ministry of ICT & Innovation Pages: 100

Dear Readers,

The modern services sector is making its presence felt in an ever-widening global environment. Not only the United States, Western and Eastern European countries and Asian nations, but also African states are showing their strength and development potential in sectors such as BPO and IT. In this issue of FOCUS ON Business magazine, we bring to you a closer understanding of how the BSS sector looks not only in the familiar environment and economic context, but also in other parts of the world.

The main interview of this issue which we are pleased to recommend, is a conversation with the Permanent Secretary of the Rwanda’s Ministry of ICT and Innovation, Mr. Yves Iradukunda, who talks about the outsourcing environment in Rwanda.

Staying in the business services area, we also invite you to read the interview with Miłosz Aleksander, who introduces the Shared Services Centre of Tate & Lyle in the SSC Lions section.

In our international section we recommend reading the article that discusses the results of the Do IT like Ukraine report, which proves that the IT sector in Ukraine not only remained fully operational as the only one in the country during the ongoing war but also increased its export volume compared to prevoius year.

The topic of remote work, which appears in the Polish Labour Code, could not be omitted. This important issue for the BSS sector will certainly be subject to a wide analysis in companies belonging to this sector. This topic is covered by the Chudzik and Partners law firm.

In the current issue, we have dedicated a significant amount of space to the subject of the workplace environment. Despite remote and hybrid work, offices are and will remain places conducive to work, however the requirements associated with this are constantly changing, as experts from Skanska, Kinnarps and Nowy Styl write.

These are just some of the content that I cordially invite you to read, as well as all the others.

Dymitr Doktór

Editor in Chief