BSS Tour Łódź: 2024 BPO&SSC Trends – the most insightful event in the modern business services sector in Poland

The international conference The BSS Tour Łódź: 2024 BPO&SSC Trends, organized by Pro Progressio, has concluded with resounding success, drawing nearly 200 participants from Poland, Hungary, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

This event, which took place on October 24-25, 2023, was organized in partnership with the City of Łódź as the Strategic Partner and enjoyed the Honorary Patronage of Łódź Mayor, Ms. Hanna Zdanowska.

An integral part of the event was the Swiss Forum featuring discussions by Swiss companies, including representatives of Barry Callebaut, Clariant, ABB, Amcor, Aryzta, Oerlikon, and Schraner sharing their insights and experiences in Poland, and deliberating on the major challenges confronting GBS/SSC centers. This part of the event was held under the Honorary Patronage of the Ambassador of Switzerland in Poland.

The BSS Tour Łódź addressed critical themes within the BPO and SSC industry, encompassing the sector's evolution, leadership, employee development, practical applications of artificial intelligence, change management, cyber security, and GBS positioning within organizations. The two-day conference featured 39 speakers, maintaining gender parity among the presenters.

It is worth mentioning that during The BSS Tour Łódź, the latest ACCA Global Talent Trends 2023 report, focusing on European talent and future learning trends, was unveiled. The full report is available for download on the Pro Progressio Arena:

The event unfolded across two locations – the substantive segment transpired in the revitalized Monopolis complex, while the networking segment unfolded in the welcoming spaces of the Hi Piotrkowska building.

With nearly 60% of attendees hailing from locations outside Łódź, it underscores the event's prestige and its significance both locally and internationally. The BSS Tour Łódź has cemented its status among attendees as the most informative event within the modern business services sector in Poland for the year 2023. Both the organizers and participants have enthusiastically expressed their intent to orchestrate another edition of the conference in Łódź for the coming year.

KPMG Poland held the esteemed role of Know-How Partner for The BSS Tour Łódź. Additionally, the event was supported by Partners including ACCA, CHUDZIK i WSPÓLNICY Law and Taxes, Ahoy Career, Virako, and Mikomax. Networking endeavors were bolstered by Hi Piotrkowska and MMG. The event received media patronage from FOCUS ON Business.

The next edition of The BSS Tour event for this year will transpire in Katowice in November.

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