Discover modern Katowice! 2020 Focus on Katowice report is available now!

Katowice, a former industrial city and capital of the mining region, is now a thriving center of modern business services, a center of creativity and advanced technologies. In the last decade, the city has significantly developed office infrastructure and thus attracted a number of interesting investments of BPO, SSC and IT profiles.

Katowice, together with a much larger agglomeration area consisting of many cities directly surrounding thecapital of the Śląskie Voivodeship, is undoubtedly one of the most important centers of the modern business services sector in Poland.

Excellent geographical location, access to two highways, own airport and a well-connected train station mean that Katowice is eagerly chosen as the first or next location for BSStype operational centers. The potential for further growth of BSS investments is significant, and together with Krakow, Katowice create a peculiar tandem of cities called „Krakowice”, which in the eyes of investors can be treated as a much wider area to locate or diversify BPO or SSC investment projects.

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