Innovative Collaboration between Viking Analytics and Nicolaides Industrial

Innovative Collaboration between Viking Analytics and Nicolaides Industrial

Viking Analytics, a Swedish-based company, and Nicolaides Industrial, headquartered in Chile, have recently established a groundbreaking partnership through a new business agreement.

This collaboration introduces Nicolaides to Multiviz, an AI-powered vibration analytics tool, enriching their internal condition monitoring alongside their existing services and sensor systems. Together, they offer a scalable predictive maintenance solution tailored for diverse customers.By integrating wireless and wired vibration sensors from various suppliers with Multiviz, the collaboration aims to provide customized solutions that address individual customer needs. Nicolas, head of innovations at Nicolaides, highlights the industry's demand for automated data acquisition to enhance understanding of machine conditions. Leveraging AI and algorithms like Multiviz enables the prioritization of machines with deviations, optimizing maintenance strategies, which is now being actively used at 600+ measurement points successfully. 

The partnership between Viking Analytics and Nicolaides Industrial represents a significant advancement in providing advanced predictive maintenance solutions to the heavy industry in Chile. By merging expertise and innovative technologies, they are positioned to elevate industry standards and effectively meet evolving customer needs.

Viking Analytics, Scalable Predictive Maintenance as a service

Viking Analytics has been a frontrunner since 2017, revolutionizing industries like maintenance companies, OEMs, and system integrators. Their dedication to predictive maintenance and data analysis reflects in MultiViz, a specialized tool empowering organizations to monitor and comprehend machines with unparalleled precision. This AI-driven solution not only identifies machines requiring attention but also offers detailed insights for maintenance recommendations. Collaboration with experts allows continuous feedback, enabling the tool to learn and evolve. MultiViz's collaborative approach ensures reduced false alarms, enabling companies to focus on timely attention to the right machines and measurements.

Nicolaides Industrial, Elevating Industry Standards Through Innovation

Nicolaides Industrial serves as the intermediary between top suppliers and clients in diverse sectors such as Petrochemical, Mining, Pulp, Energy, and Construction. In its Monitoring Division, Nicolaides Industrial focuses on high-tech sensors for condition monitoring and smart process control, integrating AI to provide proactive insights for optimized operations. With over 50 employees, Nicolaides Industrial manages the entire technology lifecycle, handling around 11 million measurements every 5 minutes. The company currently holds more than 15 contracts serving Mines and Pulp and Paper industries, supported by a Remote Operation Center located in its headquarters in Santiago.



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