New Lundbeck office full of colors and textures

New Lundbeck office full of colors and textures
Tétris experts have completed another successful project in the Design and Build model. Inspiration for designing the space for Lundbeck, a pharmaceutical company, was the therapeutic role of colors used in neurological disease therapy.

Lundbeck, a global pharmaceutical company that focuses its business on treating central nervous system diseases, decided to stay in the Quattro Business Park office building in Cracow but refresh and adjust its interiors. The company occupies the 8th, 10th, and 11th floors with a total area of 2370 sqm. Tétris experts, responsible for the design and its implementation (Design and Build model), carried out the rearrangement works. The designers used the therapeutic power of colors and textures in the interiors, which perfectly emphasized the specific nature of the company's business.

Concept design as a key element of the project

As a global pharmaceutical manufacturer, Lundbeck is active in supporting patients with mental and neurological diseases and their families. Employees from the Cracow office, however, are responsible for delivering advanced business processes in finance, HR, purchasing, IT, digital transformation, audit, and legal advice to Lundbeck globally. Headquarters in Cracow is said not only to be a modern workplace but also a space adapted for workshops. The idea behind the changes was to adjust this space to different needs and types of work.

We have had our office at Quattro Business Park since 2014. The company has grown, now employing over 250 high-quality professionals. Our rearranged office space was supposed to fit the new flexible working model in the post-pandemic era. The office remains a primary workspace for us, and it has several functions to perform. We wanted the space to be comfortable and functional, conducive to both individual and team work, including employees that work remotely on a given day. We entrusted this task to Tétris, and their experts came to us with an interesting approach, which we managed to adapt to our needs. Marcin Młynarczyk, Managing Director of Lundbeck in Cracow

From the beginning, we wanted to refer to color therapy, which is used in neurological disorders and is associated with Lundbeck. At the same time, we focused on the corporate colors. The client rightly pointed out that the high saturation of colors in this space may be too intense for employees who spend several hours a day there. So, we enriched the concept with additional elements. Anna Witkowska, Lead Architect, Tétris

Tétris designers have smoothed out the concept focused on colors and incorporated elements that also involve other users' senses, such as the sense of touch. Appropriate lighting also controls the intensity of the sensations.  

The design approach is subtle, and our attention has been focused on the right choice of textures and materials. In the kitchenettes, where we wanted to create an atmosphere associated with enthusiasm, energy, and adventure, instead of red and orange tones, we used terracotta elements, warm woods, and soft upholstery. In the teamwork areas, where concentration is important, we have implemented blue tones and slightly rougher upholstery. Corporate colors perfectly fit our concept, and the reception is just filled them. In some of the rooms, the colors were broken up with cool and clean Lacobel surfaces. In the interior, there is also space for branding elements (large-size photos, products) provided by the client and many green plants – such a jungle will help to connect employees with nature and raise the comfort of work. Anna Witkowska, Lead Architect, Tétris

Project implementation in a functioning office

The fit-out works entrusted to Tétris experts concerned three floors with a total area of 2370 sqm. The project schedule was divided into stages allowing for uninterrupted functioning of the office. A wide range of works included: space plan, architectural design, and all construction and finishing tasks. Among them were: relocation of furniture and equipment, demolition works, and disassembly of installation elements or ceilings for re-assembly.

Replacement of most of the floor coverings was an additional challenge – the necessity to relocate the furniture remaining for the time of our activities. Due to the change of the layout of rooms, we had to rebuild the installations – air-conditioning and ventilation, water and sewage, and finally electrical, low and high current. We modified DSO and SSP system and made an extension of emergency lighting necessary to meet today's legal requirements. Wojciech Kaczmarczyk, Business Development Dyrektor w Tétris

After completing installation and finishing works such as painting, partial replacement of ceilings, installation of wallpaper, acoustic panels, and decorative lamps, the space gained new furniture – built-in and free-standing. Social rooms were expanded (relaxation rooms, fitness area, game room), and utility spaces gained cabinets and lockers. Throughout the office, visual information system facilitate navigation in the new space for both employees and visitors.
The implementation, including the preparation of the concept design, took one year – the project was completed in January 2022. An attractive and impressive space enabling both individual and teamwork, fostering relaxation, and facilitating daily office use was created on the newly arranged floors.