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The timeless and stylish interior of the new Wella Company headquarters in Łódź

The timeless and stylish interior of the new Wella Company headquarters in Łódź
Experts from Tétris designed the new office of the Wella Company in Łódź and took care of its implementation. Designers focused on intense color accents and the leitmotif referring to the paint sample. They created a modern space reflecting the character of the organization.
Wella Company is known for manufacturing hair care products. Its portfolio includes such iconic brands as Wella Professionals, Clairol, OPI, Nioxin, and ghd. Recently, it has undergone organizational changes on a global scale and is focusing on building a startup culture that fosters a creative approach to business. For its second headquarters in Poland, the company has chosen the spectacular office building Brama Miasta in Łódź. Comprehensive preparation of interiors in the Design and Build model – which contains design and fit-out works – was handled by Tétris. Only nine weeks were enough to create a stylish office of almost 1500 sqm, reflecting the nature of the organization.
In the Brama Miasta office building,  Wella Company has opened its Shared Services Center for finance and HR, as well as their Center of Excellence (CoE) IT, where nearly 200 professionals from Poland work for the global structures. The company presents a modern approach to business, where care for the community, the planet, and products is the key. Based on its 140-year history, it currently creates a startup environment that fosters creativity and builds independent, passionate teams. Employees are at the core of this concept, so the new office had to be, above all, comfortable and friendly for them.

For us, the Shared Services Center is a very important project, where we go beyond standards and refresh our structures globally. We are committed to creating a new organizational culture that will support not only breaking conventions but also developing new ways of thinking. We wanted the Łódź office to reflect this spirit, be both modern and timeless, neutral and with charisma. We were aware that this could be a challenge for designers. Moreover, we did not have much time for the design and finishing works. However, Tétris organized their schedule so that the short lead time was not a problem for them, and the design idea met our expectations.

Agata Kowalska-Pulit, SSC Director, Wella Company

Tétris has a team of architects, designers, cost estimators, and experienced project managers who handle the construction and finishing phases. It has a network of proven subcontractors and suppliers. The company works in the Design and Build model, which allows for synergy between the architect's vision and efficient interior finishing. As a result, demanding schedules are easier to be met, design errors are kept to a minimum, and additional costs are avoided.

It's no secret that we raced against time on this project. We needed to approach it uniquely and comprehensively for all stages. It took us ten days to come up with the concept. At the same time, we worked on the design, prepared the elements of the executive project, and immediately began its implementation. It turned out that such a mix was inspiring for us and translated into an exciting effect. We decided on two strong color accents – bottle green and a vivid shade of red. It's an unusual set in office spaces. We matched them with their pastel, softer versions, which allowed us to get the effect of freshness. We used the intensive colors on furniture, lockers, and in the details.

Anna Rębecka, Senior Creative Architect, Tétris

The leitmotif of the space is a large dot that refers to the paint sample. We can find it painted on surfaces or made into upholstered panels. An interesting solution is wallpaper in the fashionable Terazzo patterns, usually visible on the stone wall and floor panels. They have been appropriately scaled and are in the leading colors of the concept.

The office is warmed by a wood-like carpet, which we proposed on the part of the surface. We also used an unusual idea – we painted open parts of the ceilings in beige color – which raised the temperature of the interior and introduced a cozy atmosphere. We did not forget to include some green plants, but in a subtle, not overwhelming way. Plant motifs also appear on the wallpapers.

Anna Rębecka, Senior Creative Architect, Tétris

An open space, large and small meeting rooms, and social facilities such as a kitchen and chill-out area have been arranged on almost 1500 sqm. An interesting place is the beauty corner displaying cosmetics, designed like a typical hairdressing stand. It is where the employees can test the products.

For a long time, the execution was carried out simultaneously with the work on the detailed design itself. Such a challenge required us to be very flexible. The key element was coordination, updating cost estimations on an ongoing basis, and relying only on our proven subcontractors. Each stage of the project had to be precisely scheduled. We are glad that Wella Company appreciated the design and logistic experience of Tétris and entrusted us with this contract.

Rafał Niewęgłowski, Project Manager, Tétris

The Wella Company moved into the 13th floor of the Brama Miasta in late 2021.