#88 Where does Europe look for nearshoring and offshoring of CX processes?

Did I tell you I love to get familiar with reports? Well, I do! Reports bring a lot of interesting information. On daily basis I do search for BPO, GBS and CX information from all around the World and when I see there is a new report, which describes trends within those industries, I just need to read it.

So today, I am already after reading the report titled “Europe and the Nearshore: Between Geopolitics, Recession and Resilience”. And even more! I have discussed this report with its author – Sean Goforth, the Director of Syndicated Research at Ryan Strategic Advisory.

If you want to know which Countries are in the interest of businesses from UK, Spain, Italy, Germany and France.

If you want to get familiar where does Europe look for nearshoring and offshoring of CX processes.

You just need to listen to 88th episode of Good Morning BSS World podcast!



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