New Pro Progressio Report: FOCUS ON Katowice 2023


The FOCUS ON Katowice 2023 report provides an overview of data related to the economy, real estate market, salaries, education, culture, and the immediate business environment of the Business Services Sector (BSS) in Katowice and the Metropolis GZM.

The capital of the Silesian Voivodeship has been building and strengthening its position on the map of Polish locations for the Business Services Sector since the early 2000s. Katowice, along with its surrounding cities, constitutes a unique location on a national scale, offering broad opportunities for establishing operational activities and tapping into a diverse talent pool available in the local market.

Why are Katowice so attractive to investors? We invite you to read the FOCUS ON Katowice report — a compendium of knowledge about the BSS sector's environment in Katowice.

This publication was prepared by Pro Progressio in collaboration with the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, the City of Katowice, Corees and Grafton.

The report is available in both Polish and English versions and can be downloaded free of charge.