Pro Progressio publishes 2023 Annual Report

Pro Progressio has released its 2023 Annual Report, providing a detailed look at the modern business services sector. As in previous years’ editions, the authors share their insights and highlight individuals and companies that have made significant contributions to the business services sector in Poland and internationally.

The report's 2023 summary reviews key Pro Progressio activities, including initiatives such as FOCUS ON Business media, conferences and events, support for startups, collaboration with universities, and trend analysis in the BSS sector. The authors also discuss notable changes in the modern business services sector, including trends in global nearshoring and offshoring, a slowdown in new BSS and IT investments in Poland, stabilization of the labor market, and significant developments in the CX (Customer Experience) industry. Additionally, the report outlines key trends and phenomena shaping the BSS sector in 2024.

A major focus of the Pro Progressio Annual Report is – as always – on the people driving the growth and success of the modern business services sector. These individuals are featured in the sections: Ambassadors – White Tigers, Business Tigers – Poland, and International Business Tigers.

The Business Services Leaders section highlights companies that are trusted partners of Pro Progressio. The Business Locations section offers strategic recommendations for cities and metropolitan areas in Poland that are prime candidates for investment in the modern business services sector.

The Pro Progressio Annual Report is available at platform.

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